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John Millett Independent Financial Advisors offer advice and assistance to both Corporate and Individual Clients in all aspects of Financial Services and Planning. We provide specialist expertise in Pensions, Investment and Trustee Services.

The company provides bespoke advice and solutions in the establishment and management of Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes and Post Retirement pension products.
Through our Trustee Companies, Pinnacle Pensioneer Trustee and Private Company Pensioneer Trustees (Ireland) we provide specialist Trustee services to all types of occupational pension schemes and group trust pension arrangements including Trustee training and oversight functions.
Both Trustee companies are Revenue Approved Pensioneer Trustees and regulated by the Department of Justice and Equality under the provisions of the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010.
John Millett Independent Financial Advisors is an approved Registered Administrator by the Pensions Authority.

Services We Provide


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Small Self Administered Pension Schemes

JMIFA is a specialist provider of this type of pension arrangement. We act as Pensioneer Trustees for Small Self Administered Pensions arrangements. Pinnacle Pensioneer Trustees acts as our in house Corporate Pensioneer Trustee. Pinnacle is the appointed Pensioneer Trustee Firm for our Small Self-Administered Pensions. As Pensioneer Trustees we have the responsibility of ensuring that each scheme is compliant with the Revenue legislation and our mission statement is to help you achieve your pension goals and objectives. Through our trustee company we work with both companies and individuals in designing and installing bespoke Self-Administered Pension Schemes.  As an integral part of our service we will actively engage with our clients’ other advisors including Brokers and Accountants. This is a fee based service and our company philosophy ensures that all our charges are fully transparent. For property purchase or to invest in a bespoke asset of your choice this style of pension may be best suited to your needs. By virtue of its construct, nature and control it is the most flexible of pension arrangements. This form of pension can cater for many investment types, including private debt, equity, structured and syndicated investments products and foreign and overseas assets.


We charge an agreed up front fee and annual fee for our services. All fees charged are in consultation with and require the agreement of you the client. There are no hidden charges. As a bespoke tailored pension arrangement, this may not be suited to everyone. A quick preliminary meeting or conversation on your needs and objectives will allow us to determine if this type of pension meets your needs.  At the outset it helps if you have a clear strategy of an investment direction and objectives for your pension. This type of retirement arrangement gives you direct control of your pension and allows you make large company contributions into the SSAP as an approved pension vehicle to ease your tax liabilities.

Group Pension and Risk arrangements

We are specialist providers of Group Pensions and Risk, including Death in Service and Income Continuance arrangements. The company has extensive experience in design and installation of group Defined Contribution, Auto Enrolment and Risk Only schemes. The company consults on and acted in the administration of and winding up of defined benefit schemes. We can also provide full administration and technical services and act as a professional pensioneer trustee if so required. This ensures that your pension scheme continues to receive Revenue approval as an exempt approved pension scheme and that it complies with all the requirements of the Pensions Act and revenue practice on an ongoing basis.


The provision of a first class service on day to day pension administration matters e.g. new entrants, early leavers, retirements, underwriting, investment advice and monitoring, risk re-broking and claims processing will be understood to a prerequisite and represents the minimum requirement of any company or individual in the appointment of John Millett Independent Financial Advisors as their Pensions or Investment Consultants.

Individual Pensions

These are primarily for individuals who are self-employed or who cannot access a company sponsored pension arrangement or wish to make their own pension provisions. They also encompass the treatment of pension benefits for persons who have left an employer’s pension scheme.


We offer access to all over the counter Personal Pension, Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) and Self Directed Pension products (SIPPs) available from all mainstream providers. Personal Retirement Bonds on an individual or Group purchase basis can be set up for persons who have left the employment of a company and who retain pension benefits in the old employer’s scheme. In addition to facilitating access to the full suite of the major providers’ products, we can structure specific individual needs in the form of bespoke self-directed Personal Pension, PRSA and Personal Retirement Bond (PRBs) products if considered appropriate for an individuals’ needs and objectives. Payment for these services is by agreed fees or commission offsets. All costs and charges are fully disclosed to clients prior to any work being undertaken or finalised.

Post Retirement Planning

On reaching retirement at normal retirement Age (NRA) there are a number of options available in respect taking the benefits from your pension fund.

For Occupational Pension Schemes, you may take a Lump Sum, either 25% of the fund or take an amount based on the number of full year’s service and your salary on retirement. Salary can be the average of the best 3 years in the previous ten before retirement or if an employee, taken as the best year in the previous 5 year period prior to retirement. If the remaining fund is less than €20,000 after you take your TFLS then you may take the balance as a taxable receipt.


If you choose to take the amount based on service and salary you must purchase an annuity (Guaranteed Income for life) either on a Single Life or Joint Life basis with the remainder of the fund. You may also include an inflation increase in your annuity if you require it. Please note, each option to include any additional benefits taken will reduce the income available from the pension fund. On the death of the member or in the case of a joint life annuity the last survivor of either the member or his/her spouse, the payments will cease.


All PRSA and Personal Pension Scheme products limit the lump sum to 25% of the total fund accumulated at retirement. If you choose to take the amount based on 25% of the fund value, you may use the remaining fund to invest in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) and draw an income from the ARF.

You may access the capital in the ARF at any time and any withdrawals are treated as income in the hands of the receiver and subject to income tax.

To avail of the ARF option you must have either regular pension income of €12,700 per annum including the state old age pension on retirement. If not part of the pension pot must be put aside in the form of an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF). The figure for AMRF is currently €63,500 . You cannot access the capital in an AMRF until age 75.

On death any fund remaining in either an ARF or AMRF will become the property of your estate.

If you propose to use an ARF to provide you with income in your retirement you are required to draw a minimum 4% of the fund as income each year.

We have access to all over the counter ARF products available from all mainstream providers as well as all bespoke self directed ARF/AMRF products if considered appropriate for

Actuarial Services for Pension Schemes & individual Pensions

* Preparation of statutory valuation calculations and reports.

* Financial reviews and actuarial advisory work.

* Ad hoc calculations including individual member calculations.

* Advising on Pension disputes between employee and trustees; trustees and company; trustees/company and Pensions Authority

* Examining Investment loss & advising on investment strategies

* Assessment of loss where administrative, trustee or actuarial disputes arise on pension scheme benefits.

* Providing mediation in disagreements between trustees and companies or between trustees/companies and the Pension Authority.

* Providing an opinion on judgment issues, such as an actuary’s interpretation of a scheme’s legal documents or opinions on the suitability of actuarial assumptions.

* Placing a value on the loss suffered by an individual or pension scheme as a result of inappropriate investment advice.

Life and Serious Illness

Life Assurance

The company can provide you with advices service and quotations for all types of life cover. We can tailor solutions for your Mortgage Protection, Term Insurance, Life and Family protection, Business

Insurance including Directors, Keyman and Shareholder protection, Whole of Life, Inheritance Protection and Serious Illness cover. We research the whole of the market to ensure you obtain the best price and value for money in respect of the product best suited to you.

Income Protection

Income Protection

Income Protection provides a replacement benefit for individuals and companies seeking to protect their income in the event of long term illness or disability. It insures the person for part of their salary in the event of a claim. It works by paying you a regular monthly income, replacing some of your earned income. Cover continues until the plan ends (generally at retirement age) or on your return to work.

If you do claim on this plan, your incapacity benefit will be treated as normal income and so is assessed for income tax, PRSI and the Universal Social Charge.

All payments in the form of premiums paid into your plan are eligible for income tax relief at your marginal rate of tax. For persons who are self-employed or proprietary directors who do not have any social security protection in the event of illness, this type of benefit offers a long term solution to income replacement.

The cost of cover depends on your Age, Income, health, occupation and the benefits you choose.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

We provide advice, access and assistance in the choosing and purchase of private health insurance. There are a number of companies offering voluntary private health insurance in Ireland.
The Voluntary Health Insurance Board (VHI) is the largest provider of voluntary private health insurance. The other main players are, Laya Healthcare, Aviva, GloHealth and HSF Health Plan (does not provide cover for hospital in-patient costs) who operate as voluntary private health insurance providers in Ireland. In addition to these companies, there are a number of long-established health insurance providers that deal only with particular groups of employees; membership is confined to employees and retired employees and their dependants. These include the Gardaí, prison officers and ESB employees. The rules governing health insurance apply equally to all providers with some limited exceptions for the restricted membership schemes.
Health insurance is used to pay for private care in hospital or from various health professionals in hospitals or in their practices. The arrangements vary from one company to another but most companies have agreements with hospitals that the company will pay the hospital directly. In general, for outpatient costs you pay the health professional and then claim from the health insurance company.
Lifetime community rating applies to health care products in Ireland, higher charges apply to people who are 35 years of age or older when they first take out health insurance. There is a 2% loading for each year over 34 years of age. So, for example, if you are 35 the cost is 2% higher than for a person aged 34 but if you are 44 then the cost is 20% higher.

Specialist Services

Trustee Training Services

Since February 2010 section 28 of the Social Welfare & Pensions Act 2008, became mandatory. The section requires all Trustees to undertake mandatory training in respect of their Trustee duties and responsibilities. Every trustee must undertake trustee training in accordance with section 59AA of the Pensions Act. This includes, individual trustees, member trustees, all directors of a company which is acting as a corporate trustee, pensioneer trustees and professional trustees. Training must be undertaken with 6 months of the date of appointment and every two years thereafter.

A ‘Pensioneer trustee’ is defined as a person or entity who is for the time being approved by the Revenue Commissioners to act as such in accordance with requirements imposed under Part 30 of the Taxes Consolidation

Act, 1997

A Professional trustee’ is defined as a person who holds themselves out as having special knowledge, skills and expertise with respect to pension trusts, and in the course of a profession or business provides trustee services to schemes or trust

JMIFA provides full Trustee Training services to individuals and Groups to ensure that they comply with their statutory responsibilities

Actuarial Consultancy Services

We have a wealth of experience, breadth of technical knowledge and communication skills which makes us ideally qualified to provide advice on a wide range of matters relating to our different services. By instructing our services you will have the resources to specialist understanding and knowledge of often technically complex financial issues and a means of communicating these in a credible and comprehensible manner that is fundamental to you or your client’s needs.

Our services are personal and bespoke – please call to discuss any matter with John or Aisling at your convenience. We deal in difficult so all queries will be given due attention.

Fees depend upon the complexity of the service and may be structured on an hourly basis or commission basis. We are happy to provide an indication of fees after an initial appraisal of the request / case for which there is no charge.

* Our areas of expertise include

* Reports in relation to mergers and scheme wind-ups

* All aspects of consultation for Pension Schemes & individual pensions

* Provision of Expert witness services for the Court

* Advice and assessment of Personal Injury and Fatal Accident claims

* Advice and ancillary services in Mediation, Judicial Separation and Divorce

* Pension adjustment orders

* Advice on designated benefits post separation or divorce

* Valuation of Life or Limited Interest of a benefit

Professional Services to Family Law Solicitors

We offer full review, valuation and report service, tailored to each individual case relating to all aspects of pensions and other employee benefits of both parties. We can act on single or joint instructions or as ordered by a Court. We can produce reports if required for use in Court and, if necessary, we can appear in Court to give evidence.

Commonly, one party’s pension benefits may be much more valuable that the others and as pensions are not as readily quantifiable as non-pension assets we can prepare and comment on a pension valuation so that their values may be comparable in the context of other assets. This facilitates parties to achieve a fair settlement.

In quantifying the pension assets, a cash equivalent value may be considered of other assets e.g. offset against the family home. However there can be circumstances where it may be considered more appropriate to aim for equality of amount of pension rather than offset value. We provide clear briefing on the pension and contingent benefits of the case and explaining the implications of any potential agreement. We help devise a solution that best meets the requirements of each party.

Pension Adjustment Orders
When a settlement has been reached or a Court ruling made in respect of pensions in a family law matter, trustees will require a pension adjustment order to direct them on how the retirement or death benefits are to be distributed.

We efficiently advise on and prepare pension adjustment orders, financial compensation orders and variation orders for all types of pension, life assurance and post pension products. With established links with pension scheme trustees throughout the country we ensure that all orders are implementable before providing a finalised order to be ruled by the Court giving our clients peace of mind while achieving the desired objectives.

Designated pension benefits

When pension adjustment orders have been ruled, we offer follow up advice on designated pension benefits of the non-member spouse. This service is desirable to assist people to understand the significance of an award and to provide guidance on how best to safeguard this benefit for his/her future.

Individuals who may require advice if involved in mediation, judicial separation or divorce proceedings include

* public sector employees including employees with prospective retirement ages below the state retirement age eg

* An Garda Siochana; Department of Defence

* directors and members of executive pension arrangements

* members of SSAS schemes or individuals who hold SIPPs / PRSAs or other pension plans

* individuals with active or deferred pension scheme membership

* where one of the parties is already retired

* where there is an inequity of state pension entitlements.

Pension Adjustment Orders

When a settlement has been reached or a Court ruling made in respect of pensions in a family law matter, trustees will require a pension adjustment order to direct them on how the retirement or death benefits are to be distributed.

We efficiently advise on and prepare pension adjustment orders, financial compensation orders and variation orders for all types of pension, life assurance and post pension products. With established links with pension scheme trustees throughout the country we ensure that all orders are implementable before providing a finalised order to be ruled by the Court giving our clients peace of mind while achieving the desired objectives.

Designated pension benefits
When pension adjustment orders have been ruled, we offer a full service including follow up advice on designated pension benefits of the non-member spouse. This service is desirable to assist people to understand the significance of an award and to provide guidance on how best to safeguard this benefit for his/her future.

Specialist Actuarial and Expert Witness Services

There is a real demand for quantifying losses that have been incurred on a company, individual and / or dependant family resulting from a particular event. In particular, where cases are disputed, there is a prerequisite that demands specialist advice. Our experience and expertise in actuarial and financial matters is crucial in assisting clients understand and quantify the issues associated with their case. We take instruction on behalf of a broad spectrum of clients from personal financial matters to large institutional clients. We can produce reports if required for use in Court and, if necessary, we can appear in Court to give evidence.
Cases that may require an actuarial report to quantify losses and / or the use of an expert witness include

* disputed financial services contracts including – assessment of suitability of investment advice e.g. pensions, life assurance and mortgages and valuation of losses incurred

* disputed pension scheme and employee benefits arrangements – valuation of lost pension and related benefits;

* all areas of pensions and endowment mortgage mis-selling;

* personal injury and disability claims – valuation of loss of future earnings and pension benefits;

* unfair dismissal – valuation of lost earnings, pension accrual, promotion opportunity and other indirect losses;

Personal Injury cases

Being unable to work through a personal injury may have detrimental repercussions on an individual’s finances including his/her pension accrual and entitlement to other employee benefits. We can quantify and provide reporting on our calculations which may be used by the Courts in determining compensation awards in respect of all of the following

* loss of past and future earnings and pension accrual

* loss of promotion opportunity

* value of future cost of medical and non-medical expenses associated with the injury

* loss of future financial dependency

* loss of assistance

Life interest

Life interest and reversionary trusts can either arise through an intestacy or by direction in a will or deed of transfer. We can prepare calculations and provide advice in relation to the life or limited interest of a benefit e.g. property or investment, where less than absolute ownership of the benefit is conferred.

The Best Advice Every Time

We are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as an Authorised Adviser. We hold agencies with all the main product providers, this allows us sufficient access to products and companies to ensure that our clients get the best advice every time.

John Millett Independent Financial Advisors is a member of the following professional bodies outlining our commitment to providing our clients with professional independent impartial advice.

Association of Pensioneer Trustees of Ireland (APTI)

The Team

John Millett

John Millett

Managing Director

With over 20 years experience in the Life, Pensions and Investment industry both in Ireland and the UK. John Millett has worked for some of the biggest players in both markets such as the Prudential in London and Irish Life, Zurich Life (Previously Eagle Star) etc. in Dublin as well as the sales manager for one of the major section 10 product designers and promoters in the financial services intermediary sector. This has allowed him a unique insight into the methods employed by the larger institutions in pricing and marketing their products. John is a Fellow of the Life Insurance Association, a Qualified Financial Advisor and a Revenue Approved Pensioneer Trustee.

6 Argyle Square, Morehampton Road,
Dublin 4, D04 W2P9
Mobile: +353 86 2540653
Email: john@jmifa.ie

Aisling Mc Veigh

Aisling Mc Veigh

Actuarial Consultant

Aisling McVeigh heads the Actuarial Consultancy in JMIFA, She has extensive experience in communicating the technical actuarial aspects in understandable terms while keeping costs to the client as low as possible. Aisling gained her experience by working for both large and small firms including KPMG and IPA Consulting Ltd for almost 10 years. Aisling is a Qualified Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Advisor.

The Galway Office, 7 Castle Road,
Oranmore, Co. Galway, H91 HH32
Mobile: +353 87 9211013
Email: aisling@jmifa.ie

Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark Fitzpatrick

Director, South Quay Capital

Mark Fitzpatrick is a Director and Chief Risk Officer of South Quay Capital our independent specialist boutique consulting firm. He is a chartered accountant and a qualified US CPA. Mark has worked in financial services, primarily with hedge funds for more than 20 years. Mark has worked in Ireland, the USA and is currently based in Malta where he is registered with the Maltese Financial Services Authority. Mark has worked with regulated entities in Ireland, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Malta, the UK, as well as other jurisdictions such as BVI, Bahamas, and Bermuda.

Mark is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has an honours degree in Accounting and Finance from Dublin City University. Mark trained in Deloitte in Dublin and Boston between 1986 and 1994. Mark worked for a large fixed income hedge fund in Boston until his return to Ireland in 2001.  From 2001 he was employed by Citco Fund Services in Dublin, as an operations manager and as head of regulatory and financial reporting. Mark co-founded Maraging Funds Limited trading as RiskSystem, in 2013 that was involved in developing one of the first specialised tailored fully AIFMD compliant risk solutions. Mark left RiskSystem in 2015 to concentrate on South Quay Capital and to provide independent consulting solutions to specialist financial services firms.

Mark holds positions as the Risk manager for an EU AIFM based in Malta, acts as a risk officer to a Maltese UCITS fund and as an independent director for certain UICTS and hedge funds in Ireland and Cayman Islands.

*South Quay Capital is not a Regulated Entity and does not promote itself or its services to the general public. It is not covered by any statutory insurance or consumer protection scheme. It deals with its clients on an express request basis.

mobile: +353 87 4188360
email: mark@southquaycapital.com

Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien

Manager Retail Sales

Mike has over 40 years’ experience in the Pensions and Life Insurance Industry. Beginning with Royal Liver Assurance in 1976 he moved to the fledgling Shield Life now Zurich Life in 1983. He worked for Zurich Life for 22 years where he was the Senior Broker Consultant in Limerick reporting to the Regional Director. In 2006 Mike left Zurich Life to take up a Director’s position with Don Reddan Financial Services. Don Reddan Financial Services is a leading independent financial services provider in Limerick. Mike was the driving force in the company. He was responsible for developing and modernising the company and its business operations for the last 10 years. He joined the team at JMIFA in January of this year. Mike has extensive knowledge and experience in providing bespoke financial advice to help clients understand their specific needs and achieve their financial goals. Mike is a Qualified Financial Advisor.

mobile: +353 86 8208885
email: mike@jmifa.ie

If you have any questions about our services, then just drop us a line.

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